Full Time Week 2

Florida Office

Update: The migration to a new webhost has been an utter shit-show. I’ve cleaned up this post but I just can’t clean up all the back-posts.

I am now in week 2 as a full-time trader. I am planning to pick up other side work, but I no longer have a 9-5. I’m in Florida for the month handling some family matters.

On the way here, I spent my last month in Hawaii cutting down to two suitcases and a carryon. That’s really everything I own right now. I sold my car for a little less than I’d hoped and flew out to Honolulu (from Kona) for a week. Then on Feb 8 I flew into Fort Myers. It’ll be a busy month and I have a trip to the Boston area in the middle of it too. So blog updates may be delayed at times, bear with me.

January was a down month, maybe -1.5% which is no big deal. Now the account is back to the high watermark and we’ll see how February closes out. I’ve separated plenty of savings for my core expenses for the next 6-12 months, monthly swings are not a concern.

I’m planning to move this blog over to WordPress for a more configurable setup. Square is great, but I’m not really fond of the lock-in and it is significantly more expensive. Now that I have more time to put into the site, I don’t really need the higher level of service. I’ll do my best to maintian the existing posts but I’m not sure if they’ll transfer cleanly or not.





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  1. Sandra Avatar

    Thanks a lot for sharing your views on the market and the put credit spread options strategy.
    Would you mind writing a blog on the Rhino options strategy? I heard about it from Seth of SMB and tried looking up some videos on yt. I believe reading your explanation with examples on it would make it easier to understand.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. oliver Avatar

      Hi Sandra, planning to do this soon actually. I’ll probably post it on YouTube as well https://www.youtube.com/@digitalnomadtrader

      I’ve never taken the SMB course but I saw Brian’s original presentation with the core ideas years back. I’ve made some modifications of my own as well.

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