Hi friends, my name is Oliver and I am a full time traveler and options trader. I am slow traveling the world. I do a style of trading called “options income trading”. This does not require hours a day of research or for me to be glued to the screen 9-4 New York time. Because of that, it is a great style for full time travelers in other time zones, such as Asia.

I also do some remote IT contract work. Since my trading doesn’t tie up my day, I have plenty of time for that and other projects. Having other sources of income is also a great way to smooth out your income. Sometimes, the markets are quiet but I have projects to do. Other times, I may be between project work but the markets are quite active.

I’ll be sharing my adventures and trading here, but mostly my trading. This isn’t a place for dub-step drone videos or epic GoPro SCUBA vlogs. But if learning about option trading and how it can enable this lifestyle excites you, stick around!

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